Useful Fishing Tips

If you ask many people how they find information online, they will say “I just Google it!” Which to some extent is usually perfectly fine but when it comes to looking for specific information, like fishing tips for instance, it can be difficult to choose which sites would have the best fishing tips for you. Sometimes it can be really frustrating searching through page after page.

After all, Google or any other search, doesn’t know you level of skill in the game, so it would be impossible to give you the exact site to help you. All you get is what the search engine believes to be the most relevant sites to the search term you entered.

OK, I’m sounding far too technical now!

Basically what I am trying to say is that the search engines aren’t the only places to look for information online. If you need fishing tips to help you improve your results, instead of looking for “fishing tips” look for “fishing forum” instead. The reason for this? It’s because it will put you directly in touch with other fishermen and women. People who have more experience than you and have got past the issues you are having.

You can ask them questions, tell them your problems (stick to the fishing!) and more often than not, you’ll get intelligent answers far quicker than actually trying to find websites to help you. You’ll be amazed at just how willing fellow fishermen are to share their own tips and experiences.

I recently had an issue with trying to measure how far I was casting from the shore. I thought it was very tricky to even estimate. But I knew it was important so I could cast in the same spot every time. I asked the question and someone asked me if I had ever used an electronic tape measure. I hadn’t even heard of one before so I did a quick search online. I couldn’t believe just how many digital tape measure benefits there were. You can use them for allsorts of things including measuring how far I was casting. I bought one and find it really useful.

So the next time you need information online, look for forums and find actual people who can help, rather than just words or pictures.

Essential Equipment For Your Boat Fishing Trip

If you have booked a fishing trip on a charter boat from our marina, then there’s a few essential things you should bring with you for your trip.

Clothing – The first thing to bare in mind is to check the weather forecast to see if it’s going to be hot or not. This will depend on the season but typically it’s going to be warm, so you should dress accordingly to what you find comfortable. If wearing shorts and t-shirt or vest then it’s essential you apply plenty of sun screen because the sun seems warmer when you’re offshore at sea. You might also want to bring a lightweight top to protect you from the spray when powering out to sea.

fish and rodFootwear is important too. Even if it’s sunny you don’t want to be wearing flip flops because you could slip and fall in. So make sure your footwear has good grip on the sole to prevent this. Training shoes would be ideal.

Sunglasses and sunblock – You’ll need a good pair of polarized sunglasses as the rays bouncing off the sea can be very powerful. And sunblock should be applied liberally as mentioned above to protect you from burning.

Camera or smartphone – You never know when that huge monster fish might come biting and you really want to take a good photo if you manage to bring it in.

Food and water – Even though you’re completely surrounded by water, you’ll want to bring plenty of it to drink as it will get very warm out there. Also some light food, especially if you might think you could get sea sick.

We’ll provide all the tackle and bait for you, so you don’t have to worry about those. We always keep up with the latest fishing tackle reviews online to make sure we provide the best equipment for you.

We hope these tips help you to enjoy a great day out on one of our boat charters….and we hope you catch plenty!

Who We Are

Welcome to Oak Crest Cove Yacht Club, a newly available paradise on Upper Cape Cod. Once one of America’s top corporate private retreats, Oak Crest Cove now offers it’s breathtaking natural beauty to those seeking the perfect venue for a memorable event.

Oak Crest Cove Yacht Club is located in the Town of Sandwich, MA on Cape Cod, within close proximity of Boston and Providence. It’s easy to reach and allows guests the freedom to experience some of New England’s most notable sights, tastes and adventures.

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